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RTOManager VET Tour

  • Home Page/Dashboard

    The RTOManager –Local dashboard is your command centre. Easy navigation with shortcut icons and links to common functions.

  • Get Started

    Upload every piece of conceivable information about your college & RTO and change it at any time.

  • Enrol Online

    Easy, instant & compliant online enrolment which can be integrated with your website.

  • Student Management

    : Everything you need in the one place. Keep track of the entire student cycle from initial lead to the issuing of qualification.

  • Step-by-Step Course Offers

    an easy to follow process managed through icons. Approve an application and email a letter of offer, generate student IDs, and email approved and unapproved applications.

  • Course Management

    Manage all your course offerings by modules and units and set intake numbers; record holidays and more.

  • Set Course Structure

    add modules and units easy and quickly to each course. Set delivery modes and study loads as well

  • Set up courses

    and break them down into modules and units.

  • Track Trainees

    and monitor their progress to report back to their employer.

  • Account Management

    Manage your corporate accounts, link them to course enrolment, and keep them informed about their trainee & apprentice progress.

  • Staff

    Manage all your staff information and set user roles, passwords and permissions.

  • Terrific Timetables

    Take the pain away from creating and managing timetables.

  • View Timetables

    View timetables for teachers & trainers and venues by year and month. Export option to send on to the teaching team.

  • Daily Attendance

    Managing attendance records is easy with RTOManager. There is even a 'group attendance' option to upload full class records.

  • Academic Progress

    Track a student's academic progress with RTOManager's assessment tools. Set up marketing and weighting for study periods, set tasks, enter & transfer results.

  • Take Care of Teachers

    Manage your teaching resources and enhance your relationship through better communication.

  • CRM

    Tools to set and track all marketing activity, targets, leads & events. Ensure the investment you make in marketing is delivering the leads & targets you set.

  • CRM

    Know exactly who your prospective customers are and what you're team is doing to convert them into paying students. A lead is rarely forgotten using the task assignment too.

  • Communication

    Clear & constant communication equals better customer service. Use the communication tools to keep track of every conversation and every piece of correspondence.

  • Survey

    Create your own survey and evaluate your student, teacher & agent performance with survey functionality.

  • Accounts

    Comprehensive accounts functionality to manage all types of payments (student fees, agent commissions, miscellaneous & more).

  • Document Management

    Arrange all your documents into directories and files and ensure clear and consistent communication and branding across your company.

  • Reports

    Real time access to all your business information. Chose from many different reports which can be exported, filtered and searched. Customised reports* can be developed for clients.

  • Continually Improve

    List and record action items you'd like to undertake to improve your business. Set open and closed tasks. Escalate to other staff in the organisation.